March issue

The March issue of Stamp Magazine, published on February 8, includes...

British Mandate for Palestine
It was under British control, between the world wars, that Palestine got its first stamps. They were issued against a backdrop of rising tension between Arab and Jewish communities

Formation of coral atolls
Charles Darwin’s second most important theory explained the origin of atolls. Stamps illustrate the story of how it was proved

Commonwealth Classics
St Vincent’s unusual and spectacular provisional issue of 1880 was a surcharge on a bisect

Early Elizabethans
The Salvation Army set of 1965 was among Great Britain’s most colourful, if not cohesive

Talking Point
Make sure you derive maximum enjoyment from your collection before you decide to sell up

As we’re sending fewer greetings cards, we’re using fewer stamps

Strange But True
Famous pictorial stamps which enticed tourists to visit a stunning landscape that didn’t exist