April issue

The April issue of Stamp Magazine, published on March 14, includes...

Imperial Airways & airmail to Africa
We mark the 100th anniversary of Imperial Airways by examining its contribution to airmail in the early years of commercial flight, and especially its role in opening up communications across Africa

Postage dues under occupation
The catalogues list thousands of postage stamps overprinted for use during military occupations, but how many occupying powers have stretched to issuing postage dues? More than you might think

Commonwealth Classics
The 1897 semi-postals of New South Wales were Jubilee stamps unlike any others

Early Elizabethans
Great Britain’s special stamp programme had never been as busy as it was in September 1965

Strange But True
What cheerier image for a stamp than a group of captive rebels being marched towards execution?

Devil’s Advocate
If you’re keen to see justice for wronged sub-postmasters, don’t lower your guard just yet

The postal history of the world’s newest country is a sad tale