June issue

The June issue of Stamp Magazine, published on May 9, includes...

Denmark 1927-42 Caravel series
These mid-value definitives with their image of a ship under sail cut a dash in philatelic circles, especially after the adoption of recess printing. There were plenty of other collectable varieties too

Australia 1989-91 Sport definitives
A long series with a common touch, these illustrations of ordinary folk getting active gained extra significance when they encompassed the world’s first mass-produced self-adhesives

Commonwealth Classics
The first stamps of Uganda, in 1895, were created by a missionary using cheap paper and a typewriter

Early Elizabethans
The 1965 Battle of Britain set was radical in several ways, but not as radical as some had wanted

Rear-View Mirror
Are stamp-on-stamp issues just a case of navel-gazing, or are they the epitome of philatelic nostalgia?

Strange But True
The Nazis made it hard for Jews to survive a ghetto, but one German official rescued some stamps

GB Collector
Forgeries of modern definitives flood the market, but are genuine stamps being misidentified too?

The marketplace of the future is not the stamp fair but the internet