July issue

The July issue of Stamp Magazine, published on June 13, includes...

Philately of the 1924 Paris Olympics
The last time Paris hosted the Olympic Games, 100 years ago, the event generated stamps, covers, postcards and cinderellas. Many of the athletes became famous too, and were later commemorated

Thematic Guide to the ‘Ghost Monkey’
First seen staring out from a Sarawak stamp of 1950, the tarsier is a tiny primate with huge eyes. It’s very odd and very elusive, but has made a succession of subsequent philatelic appearances

Commonwealth Classics
India followed Britain’s lead in 1855 by opting to have its stamps surface-printed by De La Rue

Early Elizabethans
The Post Office Tower was the GPO’s new flagship building, and a 1965 stamp issue did it proud

Talking Point
Have Royal Mail and the Post Office become too estranged? Or is a complete divorce now necessary?

Strange But True
How do you prevent a rare error from provoking a market frenzy? By printing more of it!