July issue

The July issue of Stamp Magazine, published on June 8, includes...

Tribute to Jeffery Matthews
Britain’s most versatile stamp designer worked on definitives, commemoratives, regional issues, postage dues and experimental projects, having an enormous impact on the philately of the late 20th century

Postal history of the Indian Mutiny
Covers and letters from British India revealing the anxiety and trauma of 1857-58, when stamps were in their infancy and the Empire was in mortal danger

Commonwealth Classics
South West Africa’s first pictorial definitives in 1931 came in very collectable bilingual pairs

Early Elizabethans
The geometric designs of the 1963 Red Cross Centenary Congress set gave them a strikingly modern feel

Talking Point
Is the future of philately looking dire? Not necessarily, but it is looking different

Strange But True
A late decision to commemorate the Olympic Games that ended up looking inspired