January issue

The January issue of Stamp Magazine, published on December 14, includes...

British Empire’s political agents
Political residents, agents and spies ensured that the influence of the British Empire extended beyond its established borders. Did they also leave their mark on postal history?

Sweden’s historic paper mill
The security paper used for the earliest stamps was hand-made. The classic issues of Sweden and Denmark were printed on the output of a pioneering mill which can still be visited today

Commonwealth Classics
How a naval engineer inspired the 1938-50 pictorial definitive series of the Falkland Islands

Early Elizabethans
Great Britain’s very first memorial stamp issue was not for a royal but for a commoner, Winston Churchill

Strange But True
Philatelic souvenirs for a ‘goodwill’ flight that left many collectors feeling less than happy

What are the essentials for a retirement devoted to philately?

Talking Point
The Stamp Active Network continues to succeed in getting children interested in stamps