Workshops wound by wind and water

Workshops wound by wind and water

The Windmills & Watermills set, to be issued on June 20, will salute an endearing and important part of Britain’s industrial archaeology, the mechanisms which harnessed natural energy in the days before steam, coal and petrol engines, and cheap electricity.

Water power, harnessed by a waterwheel in fast-flowing water, was initially used for grinding grain and fulling cloth, and later for driving processing machinery in metal and textile factories.

Wind power, harnessed by sails mounted high in the air flow, was primarily used for grinding corn, especially in areas where flowing water was less easily available. Some surviving windmills and watermills are over 400 years old, and many are still in working order or have been newly restored as visitor attractions. The stamps illustrate three of each type, from photography by Philip Sayer.

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