September issue

The September issue of Stamp Magazine, published on August 10, includes...

General Franco definitives of Spain
From 1939 to 1975, Spain’s politics were dominated by Francisco Franco, and so were its stamps. Five definitive series portrayed the dictator in a variety of styles

Canada to West Indies mailships
The ‘lady boats’ of the Canadian National Steamships line carried passengers, cargo and mail to the Caribbean in the inter-war years, leaving quite a legacy in terms of stamps and postal history

Commonwealth Classics
How did stamps from the Libyan province of Cyrenaica end up in the Commonwealth catalogue?

Early Elizabethans
The Shakespeare Festival set of 1964 was a watershed in the history of special stamp issues

Talking Point
As postal authorities leave fewer paper trails, will future philatelic researchers have any sources?

Strange But True
For decades, stamp catalogues illustrated a forgery of a rare provisional issue, not the real thing

GB Collector
A phosphor printing error results in the withdrawal of issued stamps