September issue

Publication date 11/8/22

The September issue of Stamp Magazine, published on August 11, includes...

China’s martyrs of the revolution
One of the Chinese Republic’s most evocative stamp issues is a great collectable, with its many varieties and overprints. But just who were the six martyrs it honoured in 1932?

Postal history of Glasgow
Studying pre-stamp postal history allows us to put the reforms of 1840 into context. Take Glasgow, for example, where the General Post co-existed with the local Penny Post

Commonwealth Classics
A fine portrait of King George VI was the highlight of the 1938 pictorial definitives of Cyprus

Early Elizabethans
Two sharply contrasting designs celebrated the Tercentenary of the General Letter Office in 1960

Unusual manuscript markings on a Penny Red cover of 1855 hint at the Victorians’ stoic attitude to fate

Talking Point
Institutional collections can rarely display their gems in public. Would it be better if they didn’t exist?

Strange But True
The Polish stamp consciously designed to encourage the United States to go to war