October issue

Publication date 8/9/22

The October issue of Stamp Magazine, published on September 8, includes...

Multi-sensory conservation stamps
Stamps on the theme of protecting the environment and conserving biodiversity use many strategies. The most dynamic excite your senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing and even taste

The postal backlog of 1945
Victory in World War II was edging closer, but Britain had a mountain of undelivered mail for servicemen. The problem was sorted by an all-black, all-female American postal battalion

Commonwealth Classics
The inaugural stamps of Rhodesia had a prestigious appearance and some extremely high values

Early Elizabethans
The 1960 stamps marking the first anniversary of CEPT were Britain’s first two-colour commemoratives

A Penny Red cover of the 1850s with not one but two experimental cancellations

Strange But True
Were a 19th-century engraver’s minuscule marks a security measure, or a vanity project?

Devil’s Advocate
Self-destructive policy-making has spread from political parties to postal services