November issue

The November issue of Stamp Magazine, published on October 12, includes...

Philately of Uruguay
How did the early issues come to be, why didn’t they feature the country name, and what was Britain’s involvement in the story? It might be one of the smallest countries in South America, but Uruguay deserves closer attention

From far south to far north
Sending a souvenir cover from the southernmost public post office in the world to the northernmost, from a land dotted with penguins to one prowled by polar bears

Commonwealth Classics
India’s first commemorative set was a homage to its purpose-built new capital city in 1931

Early Elizabethans
How the 1964 Botanical Congress set pitted Britain’s top two stamp designers in head-to-head battle

Talking Point
When fewer issues get bought by collectors, more get produced. Is there a solution to this Catch-22?

Who invented the cacheted first day cover: Americans or Brits?

Strange but True
Divine prophesy, rape and patricide: the everyday tale of a stamp honouring a savings bank