May issue

The May issue of Stamp Magazine, published on April 13, includes...

Thematic guide to DNA
On the 70th anniversary of the revelation of the structure of DNA, we conduct a microscopic analysis of its story from a philatelic viewpoint, from the theory of evolution to genetic engineering

Diversity on American stamps
The first United States stamp dedicated to a woman was issued in 1902, and the first to focus on a native American in 1922. The hegemony of white men was being challenged at last

Commonwealth Classics
The Diamond Jubilee stamp of Mauritius arrived late, in 1898, but stuck around longer than expected

Early Elizabethans
Britain’s 1963 National Nature Week set was more colourful than anything that had gone before

GB Collector
Five King Charles III definitives and five booklets unveiled, along with the new cameo head

Talking Point
London has been the permanent home of Stampex, but does it have to be that way?

Strange But True
The stamp which wasn’t inscribed with its country name, and had to have it added by overprint