March issue

The March issue of Stamp Magazine, published on February 9, includes...

Thematic guide to Egyptology
The modern study of ancient Egypt was kick-started by the French, taken up enthusiastically by the English, and has come to fascinate the world. The story is well told by postage stamps

Bohemia & Moravia
From the ashes of Czechoslovakia in 1939 emerged a short-lived German protectorate which produced fine stamps and varied postal history, albeit with dark undercurrents

Commonwealth Classics
Newfoundland’s commemorative issue of 1933 gave extraordinary prominence to one historical figure

Early Elizabethans
Britain joined in the 1963 Freedom From Hunger omnibus reluctantly, and at short notice

Talking Point
What do you want to become of your collection when you die? What will be your philatelic legacy?

If we don’t want Royal Mail to disappear, we must allow it to reform the way it operates

Strange But True
The commemorative stamp that was issued four years too early