The Machin Definitive

The Machin Definitive

Birthday celebrations for a very familiar face

Royal Mail’s celebration of 50 years of the Machin definitive comprises two miniature sheets to be released on June 5, the precise anniversary of the first issue.

The Machin Definitive - 50 Years of a Design Icon

One, subtitled 50 Years Of A Design Icon, has six new 1st class stamps, each with the familiar Machin portrait in use since 1967 alongside a preliminary design concept dating from the development of the series during 1966.

The other, subtitled Golden Anniversary Celebration, has seven stamps, six of which are reprints of original decimal issues from between 1971 and 2013, and the other a new £1 value. The pre-decimal 4d value is also illustrated in the border (alongside a quote from Edward Short, Postmaster General in 1967), but is not a perforated stamp.

The Machin Definitive - Golden Anniversary Celebration

The issue was designed by Atelier Works, both sheets are printed in gravure by International Security Printers.

Read the full article, including a detailed listing of the included stamps and a full price list, in Stamp Magazine June 2017

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