December issue

The December issue of Stamp Magazine, published on November 9, includes...

The artistic nude on stamps
From Greek heroes to biblical figures, and from impoverished natives to cheeky femmes fatales, the nude has a long traditional in serious art. Naturally, that has translated into postage stamps

Knot mail of the incas
Before the Spanish conquest of Peru in the 16th century, the Inca Empire had a remarkably efficient postal network based on roads and runners. But messages were not written down in pen and ink

Commonwealth Classics
One of the most stylish key-type colonial series emanated from the Bahamas in 1902

Early Elizabethans
A little-known designer gave the 1964 Forth Road Bridge issue a thoroughly modern look

Strange But True
The only stamp ever issued for Tierra del Fuego is one for the gold-diggers. Literally

The Postal Museum’s top ten facts on the evolution of postal uniforms