June issue

The June issue of Stamp Magazine, published on May 11, includes...

Philately of Wembley Stadium
Cultural and sporting events held at the original Empire Stadium in north-west London have inspired multiple British stamp issues, starting with the nation’s very first commemorative set

France 1923-32 Pasteur series
The first French stamps to portray a commoner blurred the lines between commemoratives and definitives, and enjoyed some interesting and quirky usage for postal historians to explore

Commonwealth Classics
Queensland’s Patriotic Fund stamps of 1900 were expensive at the time, and remain so today

Early Elizabethans
The 1963 International Lifeboat Conference set looked very much like a thematic issue, but wasn’t

Devil’s Advocate
Pity King Charles III. Having your head on the nation’s stamps no longer has the kudos it used to

Strange But True
‘One of the most remarkable seascapes ever’ was even more remarkable after a printing error