July issue

Publication date 9/6/22

The July issue of Stamp Magazine, published on June 9, includes...

First day covers from small-scale producers
Collecting modern first day covers from well-known brands is no great challenge. But 20th-century examples from forgotten producers are under-researched and not well catalogued

Thematic guide to venomous snakes
Although many of us have a phobia of snakes, they have long been a popular theme. Let’s conquer our fears and focus on stamps featuring the deadly ones

Commonwealth Classics
British Guiana’s pictorial issue of 1898 was ahead if its time, but still late for the Diamond Jubilee

Early Elizabethans
Commemorating the 1957 Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference was an afterthought, and it showed

Peking was a rare destination for a Victorian cover, but in 1900 the city was unusually full of Brits

Talking Point
Will the existing country definitives be replaced by data matrix issues? Or is this the end of the road?

Strange But True
One US stamp to honour each former President, in chronological order? It sounds simple, but...