January issue

The January issue of Stamp Magazine, published on December 8, includes...

The stamp shop at Selfridge’s
One of Britain’s largest department stores included a philatelic centre in the 1930s, offering British Empire stamps, covers and collections. We chart its rise and its fall

3d-printed issues from Australia
Australia has pioneered the production of stamps on 3D-printed polymer resin, in limited editions at premium prices. How does the technology work, and will it catch on?

Commonwealth Classics
North Borneo’s first stamp issue in 1883 was the work of a little known designer and printer

Early Elizabethans
The Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference set of 1961 is best remembered for its errors

Some of the mourning covers produced after the death of Queen Victoria contravened postal rules

Talking Point
One of the great frustrations for many collectors is album and page styles that are discontinued

Strange But True
The Christmas stamp portraying a celebrity parrot which could swear in two languages