February issue

The February issue of Stamp Magazine, published on January 12, includes...

Centenary of Ireland’s stamps
The creation of the Irish Free State in 1922 allowed a newly independent nation to assert its identity on the world stage. What did its stamps say about itself, and how did they evolve?

Slovenia’s cave post office
The world’s first underground post office has a postal history legacy influenced by four very different regimes: an empire, a kingdom, a communist republic and a democracy

Commonwealth Classics
Although the Bahamas celebrated its tercentenary a little late, its Great Seal design was impressive

Early Elizabethans
Few recall National Productivity Year itself, but the 1962 stamp issue was ground-breaking

Devil’s Advocate
There are good reasons why Royal Mail generally steers clear of stamps honouring political leaders

Strange But True
The amateurish American Civil War postmaster’s provisional that looked better in the mirror

Is football the theme with the widest appeal for young people?