December issue

The December issue of Stamp Magazine, published on November 10, includes...

Collecting GB revenues
From postage stamps used fiscally to fiscal stamps used postally, there is more to revenues than meets the eye. Our beginners’ guide will give you plenty of ideas about what to look for

Togo as a German colony
Germany joined the imperialist club late and left early, with a severely damaged reputation, so there are few modern stamp issues commemorating life as a German colony, But here’s one

Commonwealth Classics
New Zealand’s second pictorial series, launched in 1935, is just as collectable as the first

Early Elizabethans
The CEPT Conference issue of 1961 brought the novelty of British stamps printed in three colours

Victorians would seize any excuse to have a go at poetry, and you can find plenty of it on amusing covers

Devil’s Advocate
The accession of a new monarch can re-energise collectors and resuscitate modern GB