August issue

Publication date 14/7/22

The August issue of Stamp Magazine, published on July 14, includes...

Hindenburg issues of Germany
The most prominent portrait on German stamp issues from 1927 to 1934 was that of President Hindenburg. How did he become such an icon that his stamps remained in use throughout the Third Reich?

Sending mail to the space station
The plan was simple: send a letter from the highest post office on Earth to the highest post office in orbit around the Earth. Its long journey began on foot...

Commonwealth Classics
The first stamps of the Somaliland Protectorate were overprints that became a comedy of errors

Early Elizabethans
The 1958 British Empire & Commonwealth Games set was rooted in traditional symbolism

An 1880 cover whose letter describes the aftermath of one of the worst disasters of the era

Devil’s Advocate
The way you collect can say a great deal about your personality. So is it time to let it shine through?

Strange But True
One of the great global explorers exploited by one of the great philatelic scams