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Guy Thomas  |  May 05, 2015  |  0 comments

Royal Mail is celebrating Britain’s invention of the adhesive postage stamp with a 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black miniature sheet to be issued on May 6, the precise anniversary of its issue.

It features stamp-on-stamp designs reproducing the 1840 Penny Black and its baby sister the Twopenny Blue, with superimposed 1st class values, each appearing twice in a chequer formation.

The 1d is shown with corner letters SC and the 2d with corner letters QB.

Guy Thomas  |  Nov 26, 2018  |  0 comments

Royal Mail issued a miniature sheet of six stamps to mark the 70th birthday of the Prince of Wales on November 14.

All based on photographs, the images depict Prince Charles undertaking official duties and with his family.

The border shows the heraldic badge of the Prince of Wales, with its three white ostrich feathers emerging from a gold coronet and the motto ‘Ich Dien’ (‘I serve’, in German), and has a bilingual inscription in Welsh and English.

Guy Thomas  |  Jun 05, 2019  |  0 comments

On June 6, Royal Mail issued a set of six stamps and a miniature sheet to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the Normandy Landings which began the liberation of France from German occupation in World War II.

It was the largest seaborne invasion, and largest combined naval, air and land assault, in the history of warfare.

More than 5,000 vessels and 150,000 Allied troops crossed the English Channel on the morning of June 6, 1944, following a sustained aerial and naval bombardment of coastal fortifications and the landing of airborne troops behind enemy lines.

Julia Lee  |  Jun 03, 2013  |  0 comments

Royal Mail issued a Royal Portraits set of six stamps on May 30 to mark the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, and the 1st class value reproduces a detail of a portrait which it commissioned specially.

The painting by Nicky Philipps is a full-length study showing the Queen in her Order of the Garter robes.

This is the first time Royal Mail has commissioned a painted portrait of the Queen.

Julia Lee  |  Aug 07, 2013  |  0 comments

Royal Mail is celebrating Andy Murray’s victory in the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final with a miniature sheet issued on August 8.

By beating Novak Djokovic in straight sets, Murray became the first Briton to win the men’s singles in 77 years, since Fred Perry did so in 1936.

The four-stamp miniature sheet uses the colours of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, green and purple, to salute Murray as a ‘1st class sporting success’.

Guy Thomas  |  Sep 14, 2016  |  0 comments

A set of six stamps to be issued on September 15 will commemorate the work of the British author Agatha Christie, who is claimed to be the best-selling novelist of all time.

Christie is most renowned for her 66 murder and detective mysteries, of which 33 featured the fastidious Belgian sleuth, Hercule Poirot, and 12 featured the intuitive English spinster, Miss Marple.

She has been dubbed ‘the Queen of Crime’.

Guy Thomas  |  Jan 06, 2015  |  0 comments

The first Royal Mail stamp issue of 2015 is the 10-stamp Alice in Wonderland set, released on January 6 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s tale.

The book, properly titled Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, has its origins in a ‘golden afternoon’ in a rowing boat on the River Thames in Oxford in July 1862, when Charles Lutwidge Dodgson told the 10-year-old Alice Liddell and her sisters an outlandish fantasy tale about a young girl who fell down a rabbit hole and found a world inhabited by strange anthropomorphic characters and in which very little made sense.

Under the pen-name Lewis Carroll, he published it three years later as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and it has become a classic of the nonsense literature genre, republished in myriad editions and adapted for theatre, cinema and television.

Guy Thomas  |  Jan 10, 2017  |  0 comments

The Ancient Britain set, to be issued by Royal Mail on January 17, comprises eight stamps depicting four important sites and four exceptional artefacts from prehistoric times.

Photographs of the locations and the objects are overlaid with black or white illustrations to bring them to life, suggesting how ancient people probably worked in them and used them.

Overall, the set spans almost 10,000 years of history, from the late Stone Age (also known as Neolithic) period, through the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, to the time when the Romans made their first incursion into Britain.

Guy Thomas  |  May 10, 2016  |  0 comments

On May 17 Royal Mail will issue a self-adhesive miniature sheet of six colourful free-form stamps unashamedly aimed at children, although they might also appeal to adults with a sense of fun who want to brighten up letters and greetings cards.

Entitled Animail, it will feature six endearing animal characters, with each stamp designed to wrap around the outside edges of an envelope or postcard, as if the creature is clinging on to the top or side.

Thin white lines across each design suggest the place in which it is meant to be folded.

Guy Thomas  |  Jul 08, 2015  |  0 comments

Royal Mail will release a six-stamp miniature sheet commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain on July 16.

The first major battle in history fought entirely in the air was contested over southern England from July to October 1940.

It proved a key turning point in World War II, as the Royal Air Force denied Germany’s Luftwaffe the air superiority which was the prerequisite of an attempt to invade.

Guy Thomas  |  Jun 17, 2015  |  0 comments

Royal Mail will commemorate the 200th anniversary of one of the most famous and decisive battles in European history, the Battle of Waterloo, by issuing six stamps and a miniature sheet on June 18.

The culmination of two decades of conflict collectively known as the Napoleonic Wars, the single-day battle in what is now Belgium on June 18, 1815, saw the final defeat of the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, at the hands of an Allied army largely composed of British forces commanded by the Duke of Wellington and Prussian forces under Gebhard von Blücher The landscape-format counter sheet stamps, designed by Silk Pearce, illustrate some of the key exchanges in the battle in chronological order, based on paintings by 19th-century artists.

The portrait-format miniature sheet stamps, designed by Webb & Webb using modern illustrations by Chris Collingwood, depict rank-and-file infantrymen from the key nationalities who took part, emphasising the international nature of the conflict.

Guy Thomas  |  Jul 20, 2016  |  0 comments

The 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter will be commemorated on July 28 with a total of 10 stamps illustrating many of the timeless characters she created.

A set of six portray the leading characters in six of her most popular books, while a four-stamp miniature sheet features scenes from The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Both a storyteller and an artist, Potter (1866-1943) made her name with a series of children’s tales featuring anthropomorphic animals, starting with The Tale of Peter Rabbit, published in 1902.

Guy Thomas  |  Aug 12, 2015  |  0 comments

Royal Mail will release a set of six sheet stamps and a miniature sheet devoted to Bees on August 18.

With the insects in decline in their numbers and their range, it says the aim of the issue is to highlight the huge variety of British species and their importance in the pollination of food crops as well as in helping parks and gardens thrive.

The species depicted on the individual stamps include both solitary and eusocial (community) bees, and represent different regions and habitats, each one being shown with an appropriate flower.

Guy Thomas  |  May 24, 2019  |  0 comments

A stamp issue on May 24 will mark the bicentenaries of the birth of both Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert.

Born on May 24, 1819, Victoria enjoyed what was at the time the longest reign in British history, from 1837 to 1901.

The era named after her witnessed huge social, political and economic advancement, including the creation of a modern postal service.

Guy Thomas  |  Apr 05, 2019  |  0 comments

The Birds of Prey stamp issue, released on April 4, celebrates 10 of Britain’s most spectacular avian predators.

They comprise all four falcons found in the UK (smaller birds from the Falconidae family), along with two eagles, two hawks, one buzzard and one kite (larger birds from the Accipitridae family).

All these raptors are nimble flyers with excellent binocular vision, which catch and carry off their prey with their feet.