February issue

The February issue of Stamp Magazine, published on January 11, includes...

The legacy of Vladimir Lenin
As the progenitor of the Soviet Union, Lenin’s life and achievements have been lavishly celebrated on his country’s stamps, all of them issued after his death 100 years ago

Scottish datestamps 1893-1910
Combined datestamps with stampers’ numbers rather than post office numbers were a largely (but not entirely) Scottish phenomenon of the late Victorian and Edwardian era

Commonwealth Classics
The Cook Islands’ 1893 series portrayed a formidable Queen, but its wasn’t Queen Victoria

Early Elizabethans
Marking the 700th Anniversary of Simon de Montfort’s Parliament in 1965 meant breaking the mould

British stamps are no longer issued as a national service, but as a commercial exercise

Devil’s Advocate
We don’t send as many Christmas cards as we used to. Why are season’s greetings on the decline?

Strange But True
The stamps of an emerging nation implied it was already waning