Britain's most spectacular commemoratives, No3: 1948 Royal Silver Wedding £1

This wonder of elegance was the fifth essay produced by the designer to this particular remit, but it was well worth waiting for. With its narrow frame and bevelled border, the high-value from the Royal Silver Wedding set of two is a stunningly handsome stamp.

A bold but distinguished design, based on a regal photograph by Dorothy Wilding, it resembles the photo-portraits of the King and Queen that many British families had on the walls of their lounges during the war years, in order to assert their national pride and keep up their spirits.

It instantly became a must-have item for every GB collection. Indeed, in a sentiment which will resonate with modern collectors, the Post Office made it clear that they expected this value to be saved, rather than used.

It was openly intended to raise money from the patriotic public, even though households were cash-strapped in the post-war years.

Design: Joan Hassall.

Printing: gravure by Harrisons.