Britain's most spectacular commemoratives, No2: 1929 Postal Union Congress £1

The first ever British stamp which could be called spectacular was the top value in a set of five issued to coincide with the ninth Congress of the Universal Postal Union in London. It is still worshipped by collectors.

At the centre, engraved with amazing finess, is the figure of St George killing the dragon. Observe the detail of the knight’s armour, of the horse’s tack and of the wicked wyvern. Uniquely for a £1 stamp, the denomination is inscribed both in symbols and words.

Realised in black, which gives it extra gravitas, the result is an extraordinary stamp, a highly valued treasure of anyone’s collection. It certainly gave the many honoured international guests who flocked to London a truly stunning souvenir.

Design: Harold Nelson.

Engraving: C G Lewis.

Printing: recess by Bradbury Wilkinson.